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The Progress:

On April 1st 2022, Project Pedal set off from San Diego, CA and rode east along the Southern Tier of the United States in an effort to arrive in St. Augustine, FL in just 30 days and this was a success!   

This unsupported bike trip raised awareness (and funds) for

children fighting cancer.  Through support from donations and some very awesome people like yourself,  Project Pedal was capable of inspiring others to make a difference in a child's life and

help others create an adventure of their own. 

Project Pedal helped raise over $14,000 !!!!

Thank you to all Supporters!!

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The Mission:

Project Pedal has a simple goal.

Inspire others to ride bikes while cultivating their best mental health and wellness. 


-Jeff , Founder of Project Pedal-
"A special thank you to everyone that has supported me in starting this journey and that has been a part of it so far. Your support is what makes this community possible. You are Project Pedal."

What is Project Pedal?

    Project Pedal is an initiative to encourage the use of cycling to crush mental health concerns and

promote overall wellness.

Project Pedal's goal is to inspire others to pick up a bike and use it as a tool to overcome many of life's roadblocks.

 Whether you ride 10,000 miles a year or your completely new to cycling, this project is for you. We hope to help you create an adventure of your own. 

Inspire others, ride bikes, and be well.

Have a suggestion?  Don't hesitate to use the "contact us" form or shoot us an email.

Need to show off your ride, adventure, or accomplishment?

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We would love to share!

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Mailing List

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Thanks for supporting Project Pedal! We aim to respond to all submissions within 48 hours. (We love getting out for our rides too!)

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